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"A lovely story"

A lovely story book, enjoyed very much by my 3 year old. Pictures are very nice and she loved pointing things out. 
The story carries a lesson of safety with it so I really emphasised on this with her. 
In a few years she will be able to read it herself and keep note that its not a good thing to leave your parents.
The lovely little letter that comes with it was my daughters favourite :)

Reviewed by rachel - - posted on 22nd July 2013 

"Loads of names"

Along with your usual boy and girl name lists this book is a good read, to give you the name meanings. It has lots of top names under there own headings ie name of gods, popular french names.
At the beginning you have a few very useful chapters too including tips to help you choose babies name, naming twins and triplets.

Although i already had a name for our little girl, i have enjoyed this very easy to read and simple to use book. Excellent book for anyone who is struggling to find the perfect name/names for there bundle of joys.

Value for money you wont be disappointed.

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